Celebrate Twinsburg History!

The history and heritage of our three communities -Twinsburg, Twinsburg Township, and Reminderville- are connected on a level that makes their separation all but impossible. We are a community of one, sharing one story, one narrative. Twinsburg200.com is the home of all these shared stories as well as upcoming events and volunteer opportunities. In 2017, the three communities celebrated the Bicentennial. Going forward this website will remain a collection point for all of your stories, new and old. Share your thoughts and comments on the stories being posted, suggest new ones, or email pictures and documents to be added. Be a part of history!

Memorial Photo Blanket

Buy a Bicentennial photo blanket, get a book free!

Purchase a commemorative, high quality Bicentennial photo blanket and receive a copy of Three Communities, One Heritage free of charge! It's the perfect gift for someone special! After all, 200 years only happens once! Purchases can be made online and orders will be available for pickup at Twinsburg Community Center, 10260 Ravenna Road.