Reminderville PD Help Thwart Russian Mob

A massive marijuana pipeline (at an estimated worth of $27 million)  run by a loosely-linked network of Russian criminals (with possible, though unlikely Russian mob ties) was thwarted, in part due, to the hard work of the Reminderville PD. The pipeline ran from an St. Regis Mohawk Reservation on the New York/Canada border to Northeast Ohio. Both the Reminderville and Beachwood police departments worked closely with federal agents and police in New York to plug up the pipeline.

The cretinous crew’s crimes were not confined to simply cannabis running, they also looted computer buyers, insurance companies, and compiled a lengthy list of scams and extortion in the course of a number of years in Northeast Ohio. According to numerous articles in The Cleveland Plain Dealer, the investigations commenced in Beachwood and Reminderville, and it was police from the aforementioned suburbs who identified a suspect from Stockholm, NY early in the process. Not long after, the suspect, who made biweekly deliveries between New York and Ohio, was murdered. The investigation etched on with wiretaps and surveillance utilized, eventually leading to the arrests of three Cleveland-area residents for trafficking in 2008.

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