First Burial at Locust Grove Cemetery

The first burial at Locust Grove Cemetery took place on July 5, 1846 when 83 year old James Henri was laid to rest. He was the oldest man in town at the time of his death.

Having outgrown the first public burying ground and wanting to keep a memorial ground more substantial than home farms, Ethan Alling purchased the land, graded it, added fencing, and planted locust trees. In 1860, a stone fence was constructed to replace the original fence. The roadway leading to the cemetery was deeded in 1870 by Lewis Alling. The stone vault was constructed around 1872, used for storing bodies throughout the colder months until they could be properly buried once the ground was no longer frozen.

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Information from
-Twinsburg, Ohio, 1817-1917 by Lena M. Carter

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