Haunted Taco Bell

The most terrifying establishment in Twinsburg is the Taco Bell located at 8906 Darrow Road, and not just because of the addictive qualities of its delicious dietary feasts: at least three ghosts have allegedly been sighted at this fast-food eatery—a woodsman, a military veteran, and a young girl in a white gown. There is also a fourth ghost, a teenage boy decked out in a vintage Taco Bell uniform, that has allegedly been witnessed helping living employees with their daily duties. Most of the reported sightings have been by employees, who claimed the apparitions appeared in the hallways and back area. The restaurant has been featured in an article published by the Huffington Post about the ten weirdest places that are haunted by ghostly specters.

Why do these poor, wretched poltergeists haunt the local chapter of the fast-food franchise? No one may ever know. We were unable to interview any current employees for this article due to corporate regulations, but we did visit the locale on several occasions in hopes of catching a glimpse of the purported ghosts, sadly to no avail.