Jocko, the Safety Clown

One of the most endearing characters in the history of the three communities is the beloved safety clown, Jocko. For years, Police Officer Joe Jasany reprised the role of Jocko every spring, teaching school children and toddlers all the intricacies of bicycle safety.

Jasany first decided to don the clown outfit while his son was recuperating in the intensive care unit. Dressed in clown regalia he entertained and cheered all the sick children in the intensive care unit. Initially, the moniker for Jasany’s alter ego was “Jo Jo”, but it was former Twinsburg Police Chief, Donald Prange who finally dubbed him  “Jocko.”

Over the years, Jocko performed on numerous occasions at the WKYC Blue Cross-Blue Shield Health Fair and won the coveted Governors State Governor’s Award for Juvenile Programs in 1978 (Twinsburg Bulletin).

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