Louis “Babe” Triscaro

A brush with the mafia here in Twinsburg? Indeed! Legendary Cleveland gangster and union boss known to have dealings with both Jimmy Hoffa and the Irishman, Danny Greene, stopped by conduct business. His presence within the Twinsburg Banking Co. was an unusual addition that day to the tellers that day. Mildred Karabec, who was employed with the bank at the time, was the first of her associates to place a name with the face saying, “We had a gangster come to my window when I was a teller…he came to my window and looked [like] a typical gangster. He had the hat on and the overcoat.”  His reputation around northeast Ohio, in the media, made him more recognizable than one involved in criminal activities may desire. According to Mildred, “He had been in the paper so I knew who he was.”


So what did a career criminal like Triscaro need in Twinsburg? To cash a check. The check he presented was written on an empty bank account. Upon hearing this, Triscaro thanked Mildred Karabec and turned and left. Even mobsters have errands to run.

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