Corrigenda (Corrections to Published Book)

Page 16 “and its police, fire, and EMS services are outsourced to Twinsburg.” Police services for the Township are provided by the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.

Page 38 Bowen’s Garage, Twinsburg’s first fire station, on the southeast corner of 82 and 91 from 1929 to 1939.

Page 42 The Township Police Department was disbanded in 1998. Demetrius R. Maccannon is the correct spelling of the sergeant’s name.

Page 45 Betty Tomko’s tenure with the Fire Dept. was five years.

Page 68 The article discussing the Great Expectations did include the fact that Janeen Webb was the originator of “The Great Expectations” (1978-1989), and coined the groups name, “Great Expectations.”

Page 88 “the organization has steadily grown and now boasts 265 members.

Page 88-As of 3/14/2017, there are approximately 450 businesses in the three communities.

Page 88. “the Twinsburg Chamber of Commerce also serves businesses in neighboring communities such as [Shaker Heights] Hudson and the Greater Cleveland area

Page 92. the photo next to the story of Gaskins Tavern is that of “Willies” not Dooley’s Tavern nor of Gaskins as credited. (Correction courtesy of Madelon Curtis)

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