Twinsburg & The Civil War

Like other cities at the time, Twinsburg finds itself amidst the beginning of the Civil War.

There were 120 documented volunteers from Twinsburg who enlisted with various regiments, including:

  • 1st Regimental Iowa Volunteer Infantry
  • 1st Regimental Michigan Volunteer Infantry
  • 1st Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 2nd Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 6th Ohio Volunteer Cavalry
  • 6th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 7th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 7th U.S Regulars
  • 9th Independent Battery, Ohio Light Artillery
  • 10th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 13th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 17th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 18th Regiment, Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry
  • 19th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 20th Independent Battery, Ohio Volunteer Light Artillery
  • 21st Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 23rd Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 24th Regiment, Connecticut Volunteer Infantry
  • 30th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 41st Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 49th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 84th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 85th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 103rd Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 104th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 105th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 115th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 125th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 150th Regiment, O.V.I.
  • 177th Regiment, O.V.I.

Note: O.V.I. is the abbreviation for Ohio Volunteer Infantry.

For further reading on Twinsburg’s soldiers during the Civil War, look for Beyond the Monument: The Civil War Soldiers of Twinsburg, Ohio written by Veronica Hughes, published in 2017.

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