Thanksgiving Blizzard of 1950

Forty mile per hour winds socked the region and a blanket of snow more than one foot deep blanketed the land. Areas farther east fared worse, with some Ohioans recording more than two feet. The culprit, an extra-tropical cyclone that paralyzed the area unlike any storm during the prior three decades. Temperatures hung near zero, freezing water lines and killing car batteries. Nationally, 353 souls perished due to the storm. Many sources compare the storm’s ferocity to that of the 1913 storm that crippled the region for five days. Estimates place fatalities for that storm at over 250. In Cleveland, the Ohio National Guard provided support in light of the countless police officers unable to make it into work. For those enjoying family and festivity over the Thanksgiving holiday, many were forced to extend their stay.


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