Twinsburg Heights Community Center

The Community Center was the social epicenter of Twinsburg Heights. Many long-time residents, when asked to name their earliest memories of the area, spoke of the dirt roads that populated the Heights and the community center. “My fondest memory is the community center” (John Curry).

Every June through August, there was a summer youth program at the center. For almost all the children in the Heights, this was the highlight of the sweltering summer months. As they grew older, many of the former attendees of the summer program became volunteers, donating their time to the youngsters that followed in their footsteps. The center offered hot meals, sports activities, swimming, educational programs, and numerous other activities for the children to fill their time with.

Adults benefited greatly from the community center, as well; WIC programs were offered and a local doctor gave free examinations there. The greatest contribution it made to the community was as a gathering place. There was truly a sense of community that so many residents benefited from. Sadly the center closed down earlier this decade due to a lack of support and funding (many of the residents who previously frequented the institution had moved away).

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