Reminderville, Early Years

Incorporated in 1955, Reminderville has a unique and interesting history. Years prior to officially gaining its moniker and becoming a village, it was already known to some as “Reminderville”, almost assuredly due to the great number of Reminders who resided in the area. In fact, as far back as the 1940s, truck drivers referred to the area as Reminderville, passing the name along from one trucker to another, so they would not mistakenly attempt to deliver their cargo to Twinsburg. It was the residents of Twinsburg who redirected many a lost, and presumably confused, trucker as the destination they were delivering their cargo was not located in Twinsburg but instead the swampy region nicknamed Reminderville.

The secluded, swampy land offered peace and quiet for urbanites attempting to flee the hustle and bustle of city life. It was a favorable destination for fishing, hunting, and freedom from the rat race of city life.

According to Lee Barthelman, known by many as Reminderville’s local historian: “In 1955 there were fifty-six families that lived over on the eastern side of Reminderville, right on the border of Summit County. The only way to get to Reminderville or to that group was to go out to what was called Orchard Road which takes you out to Aurora Road, and from Aurora Road you can go wherever you want to.” This kept the fledgling village largely isolated from the outside world, including neighboring town.

To make matters worse, at the outset the independence of the area was negatively impacted by their reliance on the fire department of their neighbor to the north, Aurora. With permission from Aurora, in 1952, Reminderville was able to start a volunteer branch of the Aurora FD. This benefited the village two-fold; it helped forge a measure of independence and provided the residents with heightened safety and security, as it had often taken the Aurora FD far too long to arrive while an inferno incinerated all in its path. The first fire engine was donated by the Aurora FD, an outdated model that soon would be replaced to the benefit of all.

The Reminders were the most prominent family in the village as well as major catalysts for its development. Probably the most important event in the evolution of Reminderville was the construction of Glenwood Drive. George Reminder, brother of the village’s first mayor Clement Reminder, was extremely aggressive in pursuing the construction of the road that extended the dead end at Orchard Street off of Rt. 43, through to Liberty Road to the west. In 1962, the road was completed, literally opening up new possibilities for Reminderville and its residents. Finally, there was easy access to the Township, Twinsburg, and the rest of Summit County and beyond.

George was known as the outspoken one who got things done, but it was Clement who was chosen as first mayor in April 1955. According to his nephew Charles Reminder, the thought behind his nomination went thusly: “Uncle Clem was quiet, he’s smart and he wears a tie, so he can be mayor’ (Charles Reminder, 04/12/2016). So the first mayor may have been selected due to his propensity for sprucing himself up with neck wear and a tightness of lip. His mayoral reign lasted only a year, as he fell ill which necessitated his stepping down from office.

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